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Plastic bags

If you want the lowest cost of branded packaging, then plastic bags are the right choice for you.

In the plastic bags we can do whatever you want: Soft loop (flexible), cutout handle, cutout with top fold, cutout with patch reinforcement, shirt and with adhesive tape (eshop envelope).

Print up to 4+4 colors (photo + pantone colors) in high resolution.

In plastic bags we offer you a free artwork service in case you want to refresh the packaging for your products or you are opening a new store and need a new logo.

Delivery in: 20-30 days (classic print resolution, 1-2 colors, 150 kg) or 2 months (high resolution print, 400+ kg per size)

We can produce for you

Plastic bag types

We manufacture almost all types and shapes of plastic bags available in the market.

loop plastic bags

Soft Loop (flexible handle)

plastic bags diecut


diecut plastic bags

Diecut with patch reinforcement

tshirt plastic bags


Plastic bags

Eshop envelopes with self afhesive tape

Multi usage bags

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