Frequently asked questions

The minimum production quantity is 500 pieces per size. Because the unit price is high when the quantity is less than 1,000 pieces per bag size, most of our customers order 1,000 pieces as a minimum quantity.

In case you need a quantity of kraft paper bags with your brand in a short period of time, we can do a flexographic printing on ready-to-ship kraft bags (white and natural beige paper), with delivery in about 2 weeks.

Contact us to analyze your needs and send you a detailed quote/order form. The order forms are very detailed and state all the product specifications and any acceptable production deviations.

As with any order to your suppliers, it is good to have a copy of the money transfer (for bank payments) or the receipt (for payment to an employee of our company) in your file for each payment.

To measure the weight of the paper of a bag cut a square piece 10 x 10 cm and weigh it on a precision scale, e.g. in a jewelry store.

You must multiply the weight of the indicator by 100, so the result will be the weight of the paper in square meters.

Eg for a piece of paper 10×10 cm. which has a weight of 1.7 grams, its weight per square meter is 170 grams/m2.

If the bag paper has lamination, then carefully peeling it off where the paper has an edge and is cut (eg the bottom of the bag) will reveal the lamination film (matte or glossy).

If the bag does not have lamination, then to see if it has varnish rub a spot with a print on a white sheet of paper.

If the printing ink runs off easily, then the printing does not have varnish.

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