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    We manufacture and wholesale packaging and advertising products. Paper Bags, kraft paper bags, Plastic Bags and many other products for your shop and e-shop. We can produce paper bags, paper bags and plastic bags in our facilities in Athens and import kraft paper bags from abroad at very competitive prices, consistency in delivery and excellent quality!

We produce and import

Χάρτινες σακούλες My Shoe
NOTA paper bags
In our company we produce paper bags in Greece. In paper gift bags we have a wide range of sizes (over 450), and we can print your design with high resolution offset printing and thermo printing. There is also a very wide variety of handles: cords and ribbons in many qualities, either finished in a knot, or glued in hidden slits for a prettier look.
Χάρτινες τσάντες Dust and Cream

We produce and import

Χάρτινες σακούλες apivita
Χάρτινες σακούλες Aeropostale

If you want to upgrade the packaging of your products by eliminating plastic bags, then the best economical option is paper bags (kraft).

Χάρτινες σακούλες fullah sugah

Also here you will find

Plastic bags

We manufacture, market and import plastic bags of all types: handbag, soft loop, flannel. We also sell multi-purpose bags, e-shop shipping envelopes, self-adhesive tape bags, and packaging rolls.

Fabric bags

We trade and print multi-purpose bags non woven, cotton, etc in many different shapes, qualities and handles.

Packaging accessories

We print wrapping paper in sheets and rolls, touch paper, ribbons, boxes, paper bags, promotional items, corporate identity items (such as brochures, cards, stickers, clothing labels, etc.) and many other promotional products.

We are competitive

Unbeatable Prices

Our prices are very competitive and the quality of production and printing is the best possible.

Expedited Shipping

The printing time for your model on kraft paper bags is usually 2 weeks. Paper gift bags with drawstring are delivered within 1-1.5 months.

The plastic bags and eshop envelopes are delivered within 1 month of your order.

Model Design

We provide visual design , so you get top-notch and modern visuals, with very low model costs.

Quality Control

We have designed a system for strict quality control throughout the production process. If you wish, we can send you quality control reports, together with the relevant photographic material.

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