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Production of Paper Bags

In our company we produce paper gift bags in Greece, while we also import kraft bags from European countries.

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Production in Greece

Since 2010 we upgraded the production unit of handmade paper bags in Greece, bringing the full amount of production of handmade paper bags.

By making the production entirely in Attica we can offer consistency in technical specifications and short delivery time to your orders.

The production time is usually 1-1.5 months, depending on the quantity of the order and the specifications of the bags.

Quality Control

We have a well organized quality control department, with highly trained staff and professional procedures, which performs daily control in the production of products, so that the final product reaches you excellent, exactly to the required technical specifications.

Quality control

What we check

Production files

We check the production files for printing, resolution, correct colors, CMYK values, overprints.

Quality - Dimensions - Weight

We check the quality, dimensions and weight of the paper for each print.

Print resolution - Lamination

We check the sharpness of printing, as well as the colour fidelity and the quality of lamination.

Handles and Gluing

We check the handles that have been placed (type, size, color, knots) as well as the gluing and the strength of the final product.

Product packaging

We check the correct placement of products in strong cartons for safe transport and storage at your site.

after production and before delivery

Final Quality Control

Each time, after production and before delivery, we carry out quality control in our offices, for each product individually, to ensure that the products that will reach you will be of excellent quality and correct specifications.

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