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Plastic Bags Production

In our company we offer plastic bags with handles: diecut, soft loop (flexible loop), vest (t-shirt bag) and mailing bags for e-shop, all tailored to your requirements. Depending on the printing, the plastic bags are produced in one of our two available units. A) Stack printing (quantity: from 150 kg, up to 3 colours, low cost). B) Single drum printing (quantity from 400 kg, high resolution)

Plastic bag material

LDPE (soft, glossy) HDPE (hard, matt) starch (environmentally friendly)

Printing plates

The production of flexo plates is necessary for the printing of plastic bags. They have a typical life of 5-10 years if kept in appropriate conditions of temperature and humidity. They belong to the customer and are returned to the customer at any time upon request.


We print exactly the pantone colour of each order. On dark plastics (e.g. on a black bag) the light inks have a slight transparency.

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Delivery Time

Minimum order

Central drum Printing (High resolution)

For more complex prints or larger quantities, production is done in the unit which has a state-of-the-art 12-colour high-resolution central drum printing machine. This unit can provide us with flawless photographic printing with simultaneously 4-color CMYK + additional up to 8 pantone colors of your choice.

Stack printing (Classic flexography)

In simple prints up to three colours, in quantities up to 500 kg in size, the production is done in the unit with the classic stack flexography. This method can print up to 3 colours per side.

plastic bags printing

after production and before delivery

Final Quality Control

Each time, after production and before delivery, we carry out quality control in our offices, for each product individually, to ensure that the products that will reach you will be of excellent quality and correct specifications.

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